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Graduation is a celebration of the most sincere and genuine emotions. Happy memory and parting words for life.

This is a holiday that takes a special place in the life of every person! The end of the most important stage in life, on which so much time and effort was spent, as well as the beginning of a new, unknown period.

Of course, it is necessary to celebrate such an event so that happy memories, unrestrained emotions from dancing with friends and mentors remain forever in the heart.

And whatever one may say, the evening would be hopelessly wrong without music.

The cover of the Joker's Band will add brightness, emotionality and the much-needed drive to prom nights, performing exactly those hits that the new generation loves so much!

It is very important not to turn this wonderful day into listening to lectures and a kind of "skit" with dubious jokes and background music. How to prevent such a development of events? Very easy and simple:

The Joker's Band cover will be happy to come to your prom and arrange everything exactly the way you dreamed! Cover versions of modern hits in the most juicy arrangements, live sound, positive, incendiary dances and memories that will stay with you for life!

We cooperate with the best schools and universities, stay with us!

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Cover band for prom

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