Do you want to make your wedding bright and unforgettable?

And we know what you definitely don’t want: that wonderful dreams turn into “just” a party with a large number of invited guests.

Therefore, we have a solution: a cover band for a wedding excludes the possibility of an ordinary party.

Why is a cover band invited to the wedding? Because the newlyweds and guests have an urgent need to organize a stylish wedding, the memories of which will never disappear. What band can throw a wedding party better than the Joker's Band?

We have a unique ability to make weddings fun, romantic, memorable and dynamic, we give positive emotions that will stay with you for many years!

We know perfectly well how to entertain guests and cheer up those who come. To do this, you just need: a wonderful sound, a huge number of favorite songs, excellent mood and our corporate charisma.

The group's repertoire includes the author's unique cover versions of popular hits, original numbers and a rich long-term experience in organizing events at the best venues in the world!

We live your holiday with you from note to note, erase the boundaries between artist and spectator in a single emotional impulse.

PS: sometimes we even cry with the guests from the solemnity and tenderness of the moment.

(Just don't tell anyone, it's a secret!)

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Cover band for a wedding

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