Cover band for a corporate event in St. Petersburg

Corporate events and team building are events that all employees of the company are looking forward to, because the opportunity to communicate in an informal setting is not given out so often.

And if you look at a corporate event through the eyes of management, then this is a unique opportunity to unite the team, which, in turn, contributes to the overall growth of the company. So, this is a great reason to organize a corporate party.


Questions arise: how to hold a corporate event, what entertainment should be there, if the task is to arrange a wonderful holiday for employees?


Our answer: You inevitably need a cover band for a corporate party!

When we come to a corporate party, you literally have no chance to stand still, dancing and fun are destined to be!

Why should you invite a cover band?

At all holidays, people need music, however, often, employees have very different preferences in genres and performers, sometimes they even contradict each other. This task is ideally solved by cover groups that can perform the best hits from various musical directions and genres, which means that all participants of the holiday will be satisfied and hear their favorite compositions.

Drive and magic are felt 200% in every song, in every sound and our viewers always feel it.

How to choose the right cover band?

A huge number of cover bands offer their services for a corporate event, but I want to choose the best one and not be mistaken.

Points to consider:

  1. Vocal quality

  2. You should like the cover band promo video

  3. The group has sound equipment

  4. Experience of conducting performances

  5. Style and number of stage images

Benefits of Joker's cover band for a corporate event:

The cover group Joker's Band has been in the industry for many years and has proven itself to be the best for dozens of major companies.

We have hundreds of corporate events of various sizes, a huge repertoire for every taste, we have and work with the best equipment, we are well versed in sound, we have charisma, a unique style and a juicy unique sound.

Cover band for corporate

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