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Meet the riders' conditions

What is a tech rider?

A technical rider is a document (group of documents) containing a list of technical equipment (sound, light, stage) necessary for the performance of a pop star or artist working in the pop genre.

What is a household rider?

A household rider is a document (a group of documents) containing a list of requirements for everyday life (including food, security and method of transportation) presented by the performing artist to the organizers of the event.

What is backline?

This is a complex of all musical equipment, sound equipment and various technical elements located on the stage itself, without which the performance of any artist, musician or group is unthinkable.

A backline is a specific musical equipment through which primary sound is produced.

What's not included in the Joker's Band performance?

The cost of a technical * and household rider is not included in the fee, but we have partners who can fully provide the technical rider, sound and light for your event.

And if you do not want to delve into the terminology and requirements, but just want to order a cover band, then we will gladly arrange everything for a turnkey performance.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

* Cover group Joker's Band brings backline with them.

Yes, yes, we bring our expensive musical instruments, monitors, remote control and the best microphones with us!


Cover group for corporate

The cover group Joker's Band has a lot of experience, which is why, as soon as we arrive at a corporate party, there is no chance of standing still.

Juicy sound and energy of the group are in the air, in every song, and the audience always feels it. The cover group "Joker's Band" has been in the industry for over 7 years and has proven itself to be the best for dozens of the largest companies in Russia (and not only).


Anniversary cover band

Birthday or anniversary celebration is an important stage in the life of every person and this day should not be ignored.

You will be surprised how much fun and exciting you can have on this special day. Your guests will be able to feel the atmosphere of the theme party, sing cover hits together with the band's musicians on stage, and even more: they can feel like real pop singers or even rock stars!


Cover band for a wedding

A wedding is a great occasion to invite a cover band, It guarantees a stylish, memorable celebration. And who, if not the Joker's Band, can arrange it 200%? We will offer original cover versions of your favorite hits, fiery dances, full immersion in the holiday atmosphere, amazing live sound and a sea of drive for the newlyweds and each guest at the wedding!


Cover band at the prom

Graduation is a celebration of the most sincere and genuine emotions. Happy memory and parting words for life. Cover group Joker's Band added a searing drive to prom nights by performing modern hits that the new generation loves so much!

We cooperate with the best schools and universities in Russia, be with us!


Cover band for New Year

New Year is one of the most magical, exciting and amazing holidays, in the New Year we want miracles and fulfillment of desires.

This is an amazing success: after all, the Joker's Band cover group consists of magicians! Sound magic is our main skill, and if we use a charisma or dance spell, all wishes will come true. It doesn't matter the place, time, or theme of the holiday: whether it is a company holiday or a private New Year's party, we guarantee one thing - with our group it will be unforgettably magical, wonderful and fun!